200mm (8”) – 300mm (12”) Fabricated Self-Cleaning Filters

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Self Cleaning Filters

Fabricated Self Cleaning filters designed for high flow rates applications whilst offering offers the same benefits and options as the rest of the range.

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200mm (8”) – 300mm  (12”) Fabricated Self-Cleaning Filters


Principle of Operation

The Airpel 200-300 mm fabricated self-cleaning filter ranges extends the self-cleaning filter series by combining multiple Airpel filter elements inside a fabricated housing, perfectly suited for high flow applications.

It blends modern technology with simplicity to provide a versatile method of filtering your process fluids. The filter can be set up for fully or semi-automated or manual operation during which the liquid enters the body and flows through the filter elements from outside to in.

Debris is collected on the outside of the wedge wire or perforated elements. Cleaning takes place without interruption to flow by the rotation of the elements against fixed scraper blades. The debris accumulated during rotation is deposited into the bottom of the filter body from where it can be periodically discharged either manually or automatically via the drain port. Ideal for processes that require continuous flow, the SCF range is also suitable for use on unmanned sites and with hazardous process fluids.


Designed to suit customer's specification the Fabricated Range of self cleaning filters are available in Carbon Steel and Steel materials for model sizes from 200mm (8”) to 300mm (12”) with suitable working pressures and temperatures of 10 barg and 260°C (dependent on seal materials) respectively. Various levels of automation and element design can be chosen to suit application and installation demands. And benefiting from the same features and options as the rest of the range.


Airpel Features and Benefits Self Cleaning Filters.

Three methods of operationManual, motorised and fully automated options gives the client a choice of controlClient can choose level of automation required for their needs and budget
Contained scraper blade designEffective on hazardous and high dirt load processesLess down time and no contact with process fluid giving operator added safety
Dump valveControl of collected wasteZero lost product & 100% control of waste disposal
Wedge wire or perforation design filter elements availableControls size and shape of filtered debrisFiltered product quality can be controlled and maintained
Digital control panels (IP65)Can control several filters in remote and un-manned locationsEasy programming, no frequent check required as any errors will be reported on the panel and signals sent as required
Standard Airpel DesignWide range of sizes and materials available from standard stockMeets customers delivery and budget requirements
Pre-wired fully automated unitsUnits require mains supply connection only on installationCost effective due to quick / easy installation and basic electrical knowledge needed


Airpel Fabricated units offer the same features and benefits as our standard range and are designed specifically for high flow applications and efficient filtration for continuous flow applications without interruption to the flow during the cleaning process.
Available in 200mm (8"), 250mm (10") and 300mm (12") and also custom designs available on request.

8" Fabricated Self Cleaning Filter installed with 2 filter elements, designs suited for clients application



  • 200mm (8"), 250mm (10") and 300mm (12")
  • Flange connection options
  • Carbon Steel and Steel materials
  • Filtration levels down to 25 micron
  • High quality 316 stainless steel wedge wire or perforated elements
  • Custom designs available



  • Heating Jackets
  • Manual, Electric & Pneumatic drive options
  • Manual, Motorised & Fully automated control options
  • Remote signalling
  • Wedge Wire and Perforated elements
  • Stainless Steel (std), Stainless Steel Hardened or Plastic blade options depending on process
  • IP65 Automation as standard
  • Explosion proof (ATEX) specification available on request


Maintaining Process Fluid Quality

Maintaining the product quality by the use of an Airpel self cleaning filter, helps to reduce downtime, increase productivity and contain/reclaim unwanted debris to comply with company and environmental legislation

Common industries where product quality is essential:

  • Water treatment
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paints, inks and varnishes, etc.



The Airpel automated self-cleaning filters allows for stand alone, low maintenance processing of liquids. The range can be automated, either electronically or pneumatically. The level of automation can be selected from manual cleaning and valve operation to fully automated filters which can be supplied wired and fully tested, requiring only on site connection to the power source and dump valve connection.


The wedge wire element is used in 90% of applications and is likely to remain the most commonly used element in the self cleaning filter. However, for certain critical filtration applications a perforated element has been introduced.

The perforated element will prevent ‘platelet’ shaped debris passing through the element ‘letter box’ fashion and will make the passage of fibrous debris practically impossible.

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