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Testing and assessment

The ClydeUnion Pumps technical services team deploys pump system assessment methodology. The objective in this method of assessment is to ensure a uniform and systematic approach in the assessment of industrial pumping systems to identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in line with legislative and government targets. This method combines a consultative approach with a thorough system energy and reliability audit utilizing our full suite of testing equipment including flow and power meters, multi-channel data logger, vibration analyzer, pressure transducers and temperature gauge.

• Increase in pump and system efficiency
• Reduction in energy consumption and operating costs
• Improved pump and system reliability
• Reduction in system emissions
• Problem solving and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
• Increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

We will ensure that the operating history and customer requirements are fully understood prior to completing the study and presenting our findings in a concise technical report. This report will make clear our recommendations supported by anticipated improvements in performance, reliability and energy efficiency with any investment payback illustrations provided if required.

Upgrades and Re rates


Throughout the service life of your pumping equipment, process change, design improvements and material developments create opportunities to greatly improve the performance and reliability of your asset. ClydeUnion Pumps can offer a comprehensive range of engineering solutions to modify pumping equipment to satisfy any such change in requirements.

After a consultation and a full site survey, our team of OEM pump improvement engineers will analyze the data before producing a design proposal which will either improve the mechanical design, modify the hydraulic design or change the material specification, or a combination of all three to optimize the pump performance in your system. Changes to the design stresses, pressure boundary loading and rotor dynamic performance will be assessed to ensure your upgrade will be problem free and OEM safety and design code qualifications fully maintained.

• Root cause analysis
• Hydraulic re-rating
• Optimize performance & reliability
• Mechanical upgrading
• Material enhancements
• 3rd party machinery
• Guaranteed performance improvements
• Attractive payment terms linked to pay-back are negotiable

Re engineering and Upgrade Process

Re-engineering and upgrade process

The technical services team brings the benefit of ClydeUnion Pumps OEM parts quality, problem solving and design expertise to any brand of rotating equipment. By employing the same rigorous design, upgrade and rapid manufacturing principles applied to ClydeUnion Pumps OEM parts, significant benefits can be realized for non-ClydeUnion Pumps branded and local replicator parts.

1. Consultation

Prior to commencing the re-engineering programme our engineer will meet with the client to understand how ClydeUnion Pumps can meet your needs and improve upon the quality, delivery or part design.

2. Laser scanning of parts

Hand-held laser scanning is the perfect solution for rapid scanning and inspection of parts. Unlike surface mounted scanning arms the handheld laser scanner is extremely lightweight and does not require to be mounted to an inspection table. This allows quick deployment followed by rapid and accurate scanning of parts on-site, in storage as well as in the workshop. Rapid scanning of large parts and surfaces can be carried out while maintaining accuracy on precision machined toleranced surfaces.

3. Rapid manufacture

For cast and turned parts the ClydeUnion Pumps Rapid Response process can be employed for greatly accelerated manufacturing lead times in as little as 24 hours for turned parts. For cast parts this process utilises rapid 3D pattern manufacture processes allowing patterns to be produced directly from 3D CAD data.

4. Analysis and re-engineering

Once the part is scanned and inspected the file will be electronically transmitted. The engineers report describing the condition of the part and any operational improvement requirements will be discussed with the customer. If required a full failure mode analysis report can be arranged at this stage to better understand problems.

After an analysis and review by our design and improvement teams, engineers then used to create a full manufacturing model and drawing of the part.

Typical improvements:

• Increased part strength and reduction of stress concentrations
• Improved or modified hydraulic design to increase efficiency, adjust pressure and flow characteristics and improve suction design to reduce cavitation damage
• Upgraded materials to stronger and more corrosion resistant ClydeUnion Pumps approved materials

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring

ClydeUnion Pumps extensive knowledge of pumps and pump systems can be used in assisting with the specification of condition monitoring to provide safeguarding of all pump equipment. Being able to accurately determine when a pump requires an overhaul or when a bearing may have failed is critical to ensure maximum cost savings and pump reliability to our customers.

System upgrades

It is possible to upgrade existing system installations with the most up-to-date control and instrumentation equipment. This will ensure the essential measurements of pump reliability and performance are captured, using the correct selection of equipment to suit the client’s requirements at site.

Real time monitoring

Data acquisition can be set up in such a way as to provide real time monitoring. This can be configured with wireless or wired systems which can be monitored at site by the clients personnel or by ClydeUnion Pumps through the internet.

Data analysis

Our specialist engineers are capable of full data analysis and problem diagnosis of your system to be able to provide the most beneficial solution. Data can be analyzed as part of a site survey or the results can be sent to ClydeUnion Pumps for an in-house analysis.

Pump Training new


ClydeUnion Pumps recognizes the importance training has to play in the safe, effective and efficient operation of pump equipment. We have a dedicated team providing a wide range of pump training courses developed specifically to suit the needs of system designers, engineers, operators and maintenance staff. The courses are structured to suit a specific range of abilities and knowledge; introductory to advanced level courses, ensuring that all training needs can be provided whatever the ability and add value to your operation.


• Health and safety

It is important that each task is conducted in the correct manner to ensure safety to the individual and others.

• Reduced costs

The methods used and experience gained will produce an increased efficiency in the employee’s role.

• Continuous improvement

Training will ensure the most current and best practices are utilized to stay ahead of the competition.

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