UNIQ-MAX High Capacity Filter Cartridge

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Available in a range of cartridge lengths & particulate grades, our High Capacity (HC) Filters are available to order as spares, or as part of a total filtration solution. Each HC Filter cartridge features a unique layered & pleated media pack construction, designed for maximum particle retention & absolute rated performance across a wide range of particulate sizes.

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UNIQ-MAX High Capacity Filter Cartridge


The inside-to-out flow pattern combined with a positive O-Ring seal arrangement guarantees high-efficiency contaminant removal and holding capacity, prolonging service life. The filter cartridge is designed for efficient element removal and replacement and ensures that no trapped particulate accidentally falls into the clean side of the filter housing.

Also, view our total system solution to match specific application needs.


Cartridge Diameter

6” (152mm)

End Caps

Glass Filled Polypropylene

Glass Filled Acetal

Cartridge Length

20”, 40”, 60”

O-Ring Material





Rated Flow Rate (USgpm)

175, 350, 500

Micron Ratings (µm)

1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70, 90

Filtration Media


Glass Fibre w/ Polyester


Retention Ratings

Β5000 (99.98% )

Maximum Service Temperature

Polypropylene – 82°C

Glass Fibre w/ Polyester – 120°C

Maximum Differential Pressure

2.5 – 3.0barg Changeout

Support Material


Polyester / Nylon

Stainless Steel

Flow Direction

In to Out

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