Maxum Final Stage Element

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Maxum Final Stage Element


This revolutionary final stage MAXUM Multiple Vee Panel design uses a new concept to create eight (8) panels in a “Vee Formation”, that greatly increases usable media area, resulting in lower initial pressure drop, increased dirt holding capacity, longer service life resulting in the overall reduction in operating costs.

Final stage design was Optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD]

A proprietary water resistant microglass media presents a “dual-layer” barrier to particles which penetrate the prefilters.

The MAXUM panel utilizes a rugged Polystyrene frame that is not only light weight, but corrosion proof and fully incinerable.

The features and benefits of this new technology are:

Superior Performance - 99.97% removal of 2 microns and over 90% removal of 0.4 microns protects the performance and life of rotating equipment.

Sealing - Incorporates a pre-mounted seamless polyurethane foam gasket that ensures positive seal, eliminating chance of particulate by-pass.

Extended Element Life - More available surface area with the MAXUM Primary design doubles dirt holding capability, extending element life and reducing element replacement costs.

Sizing Flexibility - The MAXUM is capable of flowing up to 3,000 SCFM rather than the standard 2,500 SCFM. That is a 20% increase in capacity without penalty of added pressure drop. This sizing flexibility allows for a smaller housing and lower capital expense.

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