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Gas Turbine PulseJet Air Filter

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Pulse jet air filter cartridge for use as final filter for protecting rotating machinery (eg. compressor, gas turbine, diesel engine). Made from the highest quality materials and designed to pass the stringent requirements of international standards and specifications.

  • Cylindrical design
  • Nano-fibers media
  • Improved resistance to humidity
  • Low initial pressure drop - high initial efficiency
  • Robust construction - extends the working life
  • Very high resistance to burst and compressed air pulsing
  • Classification MERV 16


A major step forward in technology, ensures that these filter elements have the capacity for extended life and lower pressure drop.

By incorporating ultra-fine fibers in the media, smaller dust particles do not penetrate as far into the filter matrix. Very small particles are often responsible for the premature blocking of a filter element. The pulsing action then finds it easier to dislodge these fine particles and ensures that the filter lasts longer.

In addition, the efficiency of the filter is higher than standard elements. This ensures that less dust reaches the turbine and so helps to extend the maintenance period.

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