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Compact Air Filter for Gas Turbines And Air Cooled Generators

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Providing the maximum protection from the finest dust, Sonic Flow final air filters have been selected by turbine operators across the world.

  • Improves Efficiency & Fuel Savings

  • Ultra High Efficiency ASHRAE Media

  • Maximum Dust-holding Capacity for Extended Life

  • Rugged, High Burst Pressure Design

Filter Media

  • High efficiency ASHRAE tested media maximizes turbine output by removing microscopic particles which can foul stators and other vital turbine components.

  • Strong reinforced glass fiber media guarantees reliable filtration, even under high velocity and turbulent operating conditions, with no media shedding.

  • A highly permeable filter media that operates at low pressure drops resulting in improved turbine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • The SonicFlowâ„¢ media features a graded pore structure, which maximizes dust-holding capacity and extends the time between filter changes, even under high dirt loading conditions.

  • The SonicFlow media is fully potted to the frame creating a strong, high burst pressure design capable of operating under the most severe flow conditions.

Filter Construction

  • The filter frame is a 100% polymeric and lightweight design thats totally corrosion resistant and disposable by incineration.

  • The pre-mounted, seamless gasket creates a positive seal for superior leak prevention.

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