TURBO KLEEN™ MVP-6020-2424-518

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Advanced Air Intake Filtration Technology For High-Speed Turbo Machinery

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TURBO KLEEN™ MVP-6020-2424-518


As the pioneer in air intake filtration, Dollinger continues to solve the most demanding filtration problems for industry. Turbo machinery is precision engineered to perform in some of the most hostile environments in the world.

Each machine is custom engineered to extract maximum performance out of every kilowatt of energy they consume. Precision balanced shafts and impellers rotate at speeds of up to 70,000 revolutions per minute. At that kind of speed, otherwise harmless drops of water or grains of sand can cause catastrophic results. Quality filtration offers protection that can't be beat.

Contaminant removal specifications speak in terms of microns. The deeper the pleats, the more surface area there is to extracted and contain contaminants. The longer between filter panel changes, the better the productivity of the machine and the lower the cost of operation.

That is why the world's leading manufacturers continue to rely on high-efficiency Dollinger filtration products like TURBO KLEEN. The TURBO KLEEN filter represents our latest innovation in contamination protection for your high-speed turbo machinery.

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