UNIQ-FLOW Liquid/Liquid Coalescers

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High performance coalescers for the efficient separation of hydrocarbons from water phases

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UNIQ-FLOW Liquid/Liquid Coalescers


  • Reduced vessel size and cost
  • Outstanding contaminant capture rates
  • Longer time between filter changes
  • Verified performance characteristics
  • Standard or custom build options
  • Proven to meet or exceed the in-service efficiency threshold specified by many leading end users


Market demand for higher quality hydrocarbon products and prolonged periods of uptime mean that flow control equipment like coalescers must work more accurately and more reliably for longer. Celeros Flow Technology has developed its Liquid/Liquid (L/L) Coalescers to support customer efforts to improve product quality, reduce or remove unwanted haze and impurities, and recover other valuable products.

A unique pleated filter design optimizes liquid contaminant capture rates and extends time to maintenance. The ability to form consistently larger droplet sizes results in shorter separation distances, which reduces vessel length: saving space and reducing cost.

Verified performance characteristics give further reassurance that these L/L Coalescers can deliver optimum results for a lower total cost of ownership.

Test Results

UNIQ-FLOW Liquid/Liquid Coalescers were performance tested against their nearest rivals in the market using ASTM test standards and jet fuel as the test medium. Test results showed that UNIQ-FLOW L/L Coalescers not only meet, but exceed, the in-service efficiency threshold of 20ppm stipulated in many leading end user specifications. In fact, the new coalescers can meet even more stringent <10ppm thresholds.


  • Condensate Cooling
  • MEG Removal
  • Water from Diesel
  • Oil from Water
  • Amine Gas Sweetening
  • Water from Condensates
  • Water from Kerosine
  • Recovery of Hydrocarbons from Water
  • Glycol Applications


Material of Construction:
Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Alloy Steels

Design Code: ASME VIII Div.1 (Latest) incl. U-1A

Design Pressure: Typically to 40 barg (ANSI 150/300)

Design Temperature: Typically 80°C

Access: ANSI B16.5 / B16.47 as standard – QOC if specified

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