Angle Basket Strainers

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Angle Basket Strainers are sized specifically to a pressure loss requirement.

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Angle Basket Strainers



This is the simplest of our product offering.

The contaminated flow enters the filter inlet and then passes through the filtration element flowing from in to out.

The filtration element collects the required level of contamination on the inside of the element.The clean flow exits via the outlet connection.



Sized specifically to a pressure loss requirement (typically 2 psi clean condition).

When the operation differential pressure reaches 7 PSI, the filtration element must be removed and cleaned.

Care must be taken when removing the element to ensure no contaminate can pass from the dirty side to the clean side. All collected contaminate will remain within the filtration element.

Unless specifically designed to do so, the filtration element should never operate with a differential pressure above 15 PSI.

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