Small Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 1"-8"

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Dual/Duplex Strainers

A range of small Duplex strainers for use in pipelines operating continuously where a single (Simplex) filter can not be used as the flow would have to be interrupted to clean the element.

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Small Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 1"-8"


Duplex D-Type Basket Strainers

Plenty offers a large range of cast Duplex (Dual) basket filters for use on liquid applications. With all designs offering integral changeover of the filtration chambers, the Plenty Duplex offers a safe and reliable way of providing continuous operation during basket cleaning. The integral changeover arrangement also gives a small footprint and minimal face-to-face dimensions.


  • Available in Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Cast Stainless Steel (Also available in special alloys)
  • Designed for ratings up to ASME class 300 (51 barg)
  • Single lever action on changeover eliminating the possibility of isolating the flow
  • Fitted with quick release covers for ease of basket cleaning


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