With over 75 years of experience, the Vokes name is an established engineering stalwart on which many companies depend. Our filtration, coalescer and oil mist eliminator products are pivotal to power stations and electrical utilities’ distribution networks, as well as offshore oil/gas operations, rail and shipping firms all over the world. They are utilized in the treatment of insulating fluids, the filtration and clarification of fuel and lubricating oil and the elimination of harmful and potentially explosive oil mist from air. Thanks to Vokes technology, which is designed to protect critical equipment, fuel pumps, fuel injection systems, diesel engines, gearboxes, steam/gas turbines, compressors, transformers and electrical switchgear can all have their working lifespan substantially extended.

Constantly looking to push the performance envelope even further, our expert engineering staff continue to experiment with new materials and different types of filter design, carrying out continuous testing and improvement of media and filter construction. Through such endeavors, we are able to keep achieving better results and also stay well ahead of the ever more challenging international environmental legislative guidelines being put in place.

Vokes is quality assessed to ISO9001 covering all aspects of design manufacture and quality control.


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