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Fuel and Lubricating Oil Replacement Filter Cartridges

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Microfelt Filter Cartridges


Vokes' Microfelt cartridges are designed for the fine filtration of fuel and lubricating oils, along with other fluids including hydraulic oils and glycol. Manufactured from a range of specially selected synthetic felt media, Vokes Microfelt cartridges have excellent depth filtration characteristics and a high dirt holding capacity. Cartridge integrity and filtration performance relies on design features which include welded media seams, filter media bonded to the end caps and the fitting of leak proof seals. Manufactured to high quality control standards, all filter media is batch tested for filtration performance and metal components deburred.

Vokes Microfelt cartridges are available in 10 standard sizes and can be used in multiple cartridge vessels with flow rates typically up to 300m³/h in lubricating oil systems. There are four basic specifications including cartridges capable of withstanding high collapse pressures, high temperatures and chemically aggressive contaminants. Vokes Microfelt cartridges are disposable, ensuring that all collected contaminants are removed from the system when the cartridges are renewed.

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