Installation and commissioning

Experts in installation and commissioning you can benefit from:

• Trained service engineers and their expertise
• Best practice processes
• Trouble-free operation
• Extended filter life
• Ensure protection of downstream equipment

Flow PNE Plenty Inspection

Inspection and maintenance

With the ability to identify the maintenance requirements of all filtration equipment at site and determine the necessary schedule for both predictive and preventative maintenance regimes. This will ensure the equipment is kept in a condition to maximise mean time before maintenance, thus ensuring reduced costs and downtime.
Opting for a filter ‘health check’ can help in extending filter operation prior to break down and further extend the time between planned maintenance.

Flow PNE Dollinger Repai2r

Repair, overhaul and service

Our wealth of knowledge and heritage enable us to offer quality filter overhaul and repairs through our global network of service centres. Make sure your machinery is reinstated to original or upgraded specifications by utilizing genuine OEM parts and our technical expertise.

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