Flow PNE Plenty Testing2

Testing and assessment

Performance of filtration equipment on site can be reviewed to ensure optimum performance on current process conditions, as operating sites become more mature and stable.

We can support you in this review by:

• Offering recommendations to upgrades
• Proposing performance enhancement
• Giving peace of mind by confirming the equipment is still performing as efficiently as it can

Flow PNE GD Refurb2


All equipment ages and there comes a time where a level of servicing is required, either be it general routine maintenance or a full overhaul. SPX FLOW can offer a range of servicing on-site from agreed planned routine maintenance work to emergency shut down assistance.

Flow PNE Vokes Reengineering

Re-engineering and upgrade process

Equipment upgrades can prove beneficial especially when processes change, such as retrofitting Differential switches, gauges, etc.

Flow PNE Vokes Training


Customer training can be a valid way of ensuring a good knowledge of filter maintenance and operation; be it identifying reasons for high DP, potential areas for element bypass and why, safe filter vessel entry (bolted, swing bolt or Quick Opening closures), getting the best out of your asset, performance upgrades or general filtration knowhow. We can provide either onsite, factory location or service centre-based training for customer engineers which can be product specific, general maintenance management or tailored to clients requirements.

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