What is Re-Engineering? Use Cases, Benefits and other Considerations

June 21, 2022


Re-Engineering is using an existing part as a reference to supply a replacement part for your pump. In this webinar we will be explaining what re-engineering is, the benefits it provides, and identifying opportunities for re-engineering.

Our team at Celeros wants to share their extensive knowledge in this industry to help you identify the upgrade to provide the right technical solutions for you.

For more information on Re-Engineering at Celeros, please contact Huw Rodway or Scott McAllister using the information below.



Huw Rodway

Global Re-Engineering Program Manager

• 17 years in the centrifugal pump Industry

• 11 years in re-engineering

Contact Information

Email: Huw.Rodway@celerosft.com

Phone: +44 7833 288 839


Scott McAllister

Re-Engineering Lead Engineer

• Chartered Engineer

• 14 years in the Centrifugal Pump Industry

Contact Information

Email: Scott.McAllister@celerosft.com

Phone:+44 141 308 2354

What is Re-Engineering?

What is Re Engineering Webinar
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