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Midwest, US

Midwest Service Center
Tim Frisbie

Tim Frisbie

Service Center Manager

Service Center Location

Midwest Service Center
Address: 3433 Midlink Drive
Kalamazoo Michigan 49048
Phone: 269-966-4600


As a trusted and dependable lifecycle partner, we help our customers to get the most out of their investment. The array of services we provide covers everything from managing installed equipment through to parts supply and engineered replacement parts. Access to our in-depth technical advice means that optimum performance is always delivered.

Maintain and Improve

Service Agreements

  • Standard and flexible range of agreements
  • Extended warranty


  • Predictive and planned

Refurb and Reconditioning

  • Refurbishment
  • Recommissioning
  • Upgrades
  • HF Alky Repair Qualified

Installation and Commissioning

  • Support, supervision and execution
  • Equipment start-up

Plant Upgrades

  • System upgrades
  • Plant optimization

Diagnose and Respond

Original Spare Parts

  • Service and repair
  • Critical/non-critical
  • Emergency spare parts

Breakdown Support

  • 24/7 service center support

Knowledge and Expertise

Custom Engineering

  • Consultation
  • Analysis and engineering
  • Quality assurance

Consultancy & Audits

  • Engineering services
  • Critical spare parts

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