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Specifying and installing equipment is just the beginning. At Celeros Flow Technology, we go way beyond that - focusing on giving our customers all the ongoing assistance they need.

As a trusted and dependable lifecycle partner, we help our customers to get the most out of their investment. The array of services we provide covers everything from managing installed equipment through to parts supply and engineered replacement parts. Access to our in-depth technical advice means that optimum performance is always delivered.

Our expansive network of service centers gives us a highly effective global presence, so that customers can benefit from timely support wherever they are located.

Who We Are

Celeros Flow Technology sets industry benchmarks when it comes to the manufacture and supply of Pumps, Valves, and Closures.

Our aim is to serve as a full-lifecycle optimization partner and as an experienced advisor to our customers on all matters concerning the world's critical flow systems. At the core of our business are multiple long-established and highly successful heritage brands, many of which have been serving their respective sectors for over a century.



Celeros Flow Technology are able to claim a 140-year history in pump design and manufacture through their world-renowned brands, known today as ClydeUnion Pumps and Plenty Pumps. Our engineering expertise was honed in shipbuilding, before progressing into synergistic applications in the burgeoning oil & gas sector and beyond.

We are committed to supporting your pumps throughout their operational lifetime – which can be in excess of 60 years. This means we not only provide customer aftersales services for our current ClydeUnion and Plenty pumps, but can also act as your lifecycle partner for our many heritage brands: Allen Gwynnes, David Brown, Girdlestone, Harland, Mather & Platt, Plenty Mirrlees Pumps, Pompes Guinard, S&N Pump, Union Pump, WH Allen, and Weir Pumps, as well as third party pumps.

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Our valves heritage is rooted in the power, process water and oil & gas industries. Through Copes-Vulcan, we inherit more than 100 years of expertise in steam conditioning and water regulation – including ‘doing our bit’ on the allied battleships in World War II. Today, Copes-Vulcan control valves, actuators and steam conditioning equipment are the informed choice across the globe for severe and critical service applications in the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial processing and nuclear energy sectors.

M&J Valve were born in 1962 and have been a leader in the pipeline valve industry since their inception. They were rebranded as Daniel Valve in 1977, but the M&J Valve name was reinstated in 2002 when they were acquired by SPX FLOW. Now part of Celeros Flow Technology, their current portfolio includes the innovative DANFLO surge relief system.

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Our Valve Brands:

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The history of Celeros Flow Technology’s filtration brands – Airpel, Dollinger, Plenty and Vokes – demonstrates why we can supply our customers today with innovative, world class filtration solutions – such as our unique Gas Filtration Test Rig that can analyse filtration performance without halting production.

1921 saw Dollinger develop the world’s first air intake filter for the automotive industry. Vokes was founded in the same year, and swiftly secured sole manufacturer status for air intake filters in Britain. The first Plenty filter appeared in the UK in 1965: today we export 75% of this market-leading brand of filters, mainly for oil & gas applications in the Middle East and North Sea. Airpel adds a range of single and dual filter solutions that include labour saving, self-cleaning options to minimize downtime in a host of applications, from oil & gas, power and water utilities to pharma and automotive.

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Closures rather under-sells the fact that Celeros Flow Technology offers a number of pipeline access solutions to make maintenance simpler and reduce downtime. For example, our patented Pig Stop and Bypass (PSB) mechanism allows automated pigging on oil & gas pipelines to be managed remotely and reliably, either from land or a main platform.

These ingenious solutions are all products of the engineering heritage of GD Engineering, inventors of the GD Bandlock™2 original and benchmark design for global high-pressure closure applications. As a current market leader in the design and manufacture of advanced pipeline access and pigging solutions to the oil, gas and process industries worldwide, we know the value of timely, planned service and maintenance for your critical access systems and offer a range of services to keep productivity high while safeguarding people and plant.

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Our Closure Brands:

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